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Whore days are gone and so is my boyfriend JJ

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am i a whore

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Superbowl bet and then some

Wasn't that super bowl one of the best games in awhile ? ok I know its better because we won but it was a great game. I have to admit I was getting worried because there we 67 guys signed up( 17 of them JJ's friends) just waiting. Although I have done just over half that amount of guys at one time, 67 was going to be a challenge. ( if you don't understand about the super bowl bet please read my prior post or one from a while back).. I had to change my outfit some with the snow and all so I wore my thigh high black boots, changed into a mini skirt when I got there from my leggings and my blue Brady Patriot shirt ( and yes no bra or panties on, I cant wear them when I wear my Brady shirt). The bar was rocking during the whole game and there were a lot of us that were nervous and also confident. Good commercials, some not so good , good half time show, good food and of course good drinks and a good come back by us. Then, that stupid miracle catch with like a few minutes to go. Those guys were all over me, taunting me, tell me to get ready to spread my legs, I was so upset and nervous until...WOO HOO the miracle interception .. I was jumping up and down crazy and even did a few cartwheels around the bar. Guys were picking me up and hugging me , while everyone was high fiving and hugging was wild.. I was so happy that they won this one and didn't lose again in the last few moments. The New York fans hugged me and said good game and even though they were entitled to a tit fuck, well they were like... been there done did a lot of the guys. They knew I was going to donate the money to the breast cancer research , so it was all good.. I did give about 15 guys a tit fuck and swallowed their cum because I didn't want to make a mess in the bar.. then it happened. JJ comes over to me and says.. my umm friends would love to tit fuck you also. so I am like, tell them to get over here, but umm, I look at him.. but umm what?? well, the other guys told them about you with the bungee ties, and well so did I .I look at not doing that again, that hurt my wrists for days. he no ..they want everything else. so they want to fuck me? and you are ok with this?? I could see he really wasn't ok with it but " since the other guys" they all wanted me. so I look at him, they want me?? that's so sweet! but if you don't want me to. I wont do anything. he takes my hand and brings me into the men's room and say's he thinks about this happening but not sure how he would feel. so I am like. so this is where you take me to tell me this? the men's room? and we just start laughing and he looks at me, but not in the bar, lets get a hotel room. so off we went to the hotel. I had to make sure all the guys driving were in good shape to drive ..which they were... unlike JJ gets the room and texts his friends our room number. so now im in the room with JJ and 15 of his friends with just one king bed and I am getting so turned on looking at them all.. 21-25 horny year olds.. cooler of beer..patriot stuff on tv..and took like 20 minutes then.. one of his friends just came over to me and started kissing me. next thing I doing a strip tease and swaying my ass all over as a few of his friends got naked with me and started hugging me and rubbing their cocks on me. I looked over at JJ as he just put his hands up and just said. here we I smiled and grab a cock in each of my hands as I continued kissing. feeling hands going all up and down my tits and ass being pussy rubbed and like a few fingers sticking in me as I feel my leg being lifted. I was lifted up then bent over then got on my knees as they took turns cock slapping my face after JJ first did it. then they stood me up and bent me over the bed as one of them laid on the bed as I just started to suck his cock as I felt a cock just slide inside my pussy, then the guy on the bed just got off the bed as another laid down as I suck on his cock, then he left the bed and another laid down as I sucked his cock, then the guy in my pussy just started seeding me and as soon as he pulled out I felt another go in. just as the guy on the bed left and another laid down as I started sucking his cock and after a few the guy on the bed pulls out as another lays on the bed as I suck his cock, then the guy fucking me starts seeding me. come to find out later in the night from JJ that it was a game they were doing, how many guys do I suck off before the guy fucking me seeds me .omg. they each had a turn seeding me. and if that wasn't slutty enough, there was one of his friends that had a really big cock, I gave him my number...we have done some sexting but havnt met up ..omg..I feel so bad about it now...there was more cock slapping and slapping me around. but im sure you all wanted me to fuck the 67 guys...maybe if the red sox get into the world series ..that would...oh wait...maybe the bruines...I stand by my teams and my men....sorry this took abit to put in but im a busy slut..i mean girl....lets all prey for spring now....thank you....sykes out

one stupid slut

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The Super Bowl Bet is ON..and im so stupid

The Patriots are in the Super Bowl which means I have to keep with tradition and keeping my promise to Bet on one of my two favorit teams ( the other the red sox of course). you can read the blogs from past super bowls if you havnt already...So here is how it works, i am betting my body that the Patriots are going to win the super bowl, and anyone that signs up against me had to put in a $20.00 "entry" fee...if the Patriots Win, I get to keep the money, if they lose.....i get on the pool table and have to fuck every guy on the list...the last time they lost to NY the list was of Sunday there were already 77.....23 of them are my boyfriend  - friends and/or co-workers...but not everyone has put in their they have until Jan 28th to get their money in or they cant get in on the the list can go down..but it can also go up too...and I already decided to give the money for Breast Cancer Reasearch if i win... and Nick ( my friend and the bar owner) said he will try to convince the guys even if they lose to still let the money go to the Breast Cancer Reasearch if i agree that if i win to at least give the guys a tit fuck for an amount of time i i said i would..its for a good cause

ok, so now for the stupid part...a couple of weeks ago i was bored and decided to clean out my box of "toys" from under my i was doing so, i found some things that i thought would be useful for like a sex restriant and i was so proud of myself to actually doing it..until i went to test it...and what happened after that will be my next blog...i just do have enough time to do it now since it may be kinda of stayed this is like only my second non sexual blog....i should do more of these...dont you gusy think????   or and hey...whats a good time limit for a tit fuck...remember there maybe alot of if there is like 60..2 minutes would mean two not sure my tits could handle that...hehehehehehe.......ok..until my next you all.......sykes out

it's not my fault (im a sex freak)

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Trick or Treat ( my ass )

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my prom dress to my 29th birthday party

Awhile back nyc2004 took a guess on how many times my prom dress came off and I told him if he guessed right I would kiss and tell, well he did guess right at 3, not much to tell really but the 3 guys the dress came off with were the 3 guys that asked me to the prom, the guy I went to the prom with asked me first. during one of the prom slow dances Tom (the second guy to ask me) asked if I wanted to go out and get high, so we did, and we started making out in the parking lot and somehow found our way to his limo and once the driver opened the door I think he knew what was going to happen because he said there were condoms and towels in the center console then sat in the front seat and put some music on. As we made out some more I felt toms hands go under my dress to lift it up, I told him I didn't want to mess the dress up so I just took it off as he took his pants off to his knees and we just started to fuck knowing the driver was looking but we didn't care. we got cleaned up and after some dancing with the girls and some food, I was asked to slow dance with the third guy to ask me to the prom. JJ was hot and said he was sorry for asking me to the prom so late and wanted to know if I wanted to go outside to go "smoke some" , who am I to say no, we started making out after we smoked and once again found myself at his limo which was next to toms limo, who's driver recognized me and opened his limo door and told me that I knew where everything was as I just smiled at him and said thank you, and as JJ and I were making out I felt his hands trying to untie the top part of my dress. I just took it off and JJ only opened his zipper because he knew the driver was in the limo and his hands were all over my tits as he fucked me, I had to tell him to go easy because I didn't want them all red when we went back to the prom. we got dressed, well I got dressed and as I got out the limo driver ( I think his name was Jerald) smiled at me and told me I could go to his limo at anytime. after the prom we went to the party at the lake house where Alex my prom date took off my dress and fucked in one of the bedrooms in the house. now I was told the next morning that I was with a couple of other guys by the fire that they made outside , but I don't remember any of that so im not sure if I was or not, I still think they were kidding me, I was drinking some beer and wine and high. could of happened. that was like 12 years ago, so now onto my 29th birthday party that happened on the 3rd of this month. Leading up to my birthday my brother, Sara, Bree and Crystal all said they had a great birthday lined up for me but wouldn't tell me anything else. The day of my birthday Bree and I go to the mall and do some minor shopping. Later on Bree and Crystal take me out to dinner at Long Horns and getting me a few glass's of whiskey before , during and after dinner. Then they tell me before we go back to the house to give me my presents they needed to stop off at the bar I hang at to pick something up. when we get to the bar I see a sign on the door, CLOSED FOR A PRIVITE FUNCTION, Bree said it was for fantasy football or something, I never gave it much thought, as we walk in Sara and joey come over and hug and kiss me for my birthday and as we walk more into the bar I hear HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and guys were coming out from all directions and Nick comes over to me and says, this is all for your Jeri and walks me to the back by the pool table as he hands me a glass of Jameson. As we get closer I notice a big mattress on the floor with all balloons around it with nice sheets on it. I look over at Bree, joey, sara and crystal as they start laughing some and i'm like what's going on, Bree walks over to me and says...look around...what do you see? as I look around I didn't get it at first and they start laughing at me , look around, as I look some more, I notice there are only guys in the bar with the exception of my 3 BFF's the crystal comes over, you always wanted a room full of men slut, here you are, then sara comes over. Is 42 men enough for you? i smile at sara and ask.does that include joey. she looks at 43 men enough for you? its hard to put in words what my mind was thinking at the very moment or how my body felt but all I know is I wanted to get started. Bree, Sara and Crystal slowly took off my clothes, played with my tits for awhile and spanked me to get the guys going some, then i walked over to my brother and said thank you as i was unzipping his pants and said you are first. as im taking his pants down he was asking me how i wanted all the guys , I just said with so many just on my back for now and ill take them from there with a big smile as some were laughing and clapping, then joey asks were would you like to have all the cum? I said its my birthday, you have to seed me, but ill take it where ever the guys want to put it. with that I drop to my knees and start sucking my brothers cock with got some applause, then he put me on my back in the mattress and spread my legs and fucked me good, one after one they took turns fucking me, some came in my mouth some on my tits but most inside me. a few times I had a guys cock in my mouth, ass and pussy at the same time, a few guys fucked my ass and came in there, some made me suck on their balls while they waited their turn and some of them came back after everyone was done. it was a fuckfest is all it was and i loved every second of it and why i wasn't so detailed of all of it because it was mostly straight fucking. all in all,,,43 guys and 11 that came back a second time. bree and crystal drove me home because i couldnt walk and gave me a bath...then they gave me my birthday presents of a day at the spa..everything from a haircut to a massage to a manicure and pedicure. i think they knew i would need that..joey and sara gave me a new 32inch....... hdtv ( what were you all thinking..smiles) and i had the best birthday ever and did something on my life bucket list...... love you all......sykes out

My Brother and I. How it all started

I have told some people on here about how me and my brother (Joey) started having sex. Since I have been making a lot of new friends in babble and yahoo lately I have been asked a lot on how it all happened, so here it goes. When I was 9 ( no it didn't start then) I came up from the basement and while going down the hall to my room I heard some noises coming from my brother's room ( who was 13 at the time) when I peeked in he was naked on his bed and jerking off looking at a magazine. I couldn't stop looking and all of a sudden his hand was going faster and faster until cum ( I didn't know what it was then) started shooting all over his chest and stomach. I went to my room and was so curious of what I just saw. from that day forward I always try to peek in and saw my brother jerking off as much as I could cause it made me feel good when I saw him doing that. then one day when I was 10 I put my finger down to my pussy and started rubbing it when I was watching my brother and it made my whole body tingle and warm, and I was enjoying what I was doing esp after I had my first orgasm. wow. moving forward to my 12th birthday, while my mom was out shopping for my birthday party and while watching tv in the basement I heard some bagging coming form my brothers room, not hearing this before I went upstairs and peeked in his room and there he was with his g/f at the time having sex, she had her legs wide open and he was moving up and down, I didn't know what to do so I just watch until they were done and wow did that get my body going, I went to my room and played with my pussy and clit till I had an orgasm and just before our mom got home. We all helped mom set up for the party. during the party I kept thinking about what had happened with my joey and was getting all tingley I went over to my close friend and neighbor ralph that I've been hanging out with for a year or so and told him what I saw ( he was 14 at the time) and as we talked I wanted to try it and so did he. when everyone was in the pool and my mom and the parents were at the table, we snuck downstairs, got on the floor got naked and first it hurt like hell and I wanted to stop. but he couldn't and after we cleaned up some blood he convinced me to try again. and i'm glad I did because It was wild, my body never felt so good. when ralph and his family moved 6 months later we had already done it a lot and I was very hurt that he left but in time I was ok. after he left I hung out with different people and got into smoking weed. when I was 14 and that summer while tanning in my back yard, it happened. first off, I went from a 32B to a 34c in like overnight and then a 34D soon after that which is what I am today, and still had on my old bikini so you can imagine how my tits must of looked in my old top. So I just smoked a joint and was relaxing when my brother and two of his friends come home and into the back yard, my brother grabs the bag of weed and pretends he is going to spill it. so I get up to go get it and he holds it high in the air as i'm jumping to try and get it, meanwhile my tits are almost out of my bikini and his friends are loving it .then they start to toss it back and forth to each other as I ran back and forth to try and get it as my tits are now out of my bikini top. my brother laughs as he holds the bag and tells me to fix myself and as I do I just say , just give me the fucking bag, I wasn't prepared to what I was about to hear as joey says."blow me for it" I just stood there not knowing what to do or say as where his friends, then he says I have heard from a few people that you have been having sex and giving out blowjobs for weed, is this how you got this bag? not wanting to confess to my brother and thinking he is trying to act cool in front of his friends I say, OK pull down your pants and I will. now he gets quite as I put my hand out for the bag as his friends walk closer to us, he starts to bring the bag out then stops, and starts to unzip his pants thinking I am bluffing and when I see his cock that I have seen so many times before I just stare at it. I walk closer and closer as he holds out the bag as I put my hand on the bag that he is holding very tight , getting on my knees thinking he will let go but don't, I start to move my mouth closer and closer waiting for the bag to come lose but it don't and then. I just start to put my brothers cock into my mouth as I hear his friends saying "holy shit dude". I tug on the bag but he is still holding it tight as I now start to giving my brother a blow job and after a few he lets go of the bag. I could of stopped then and walked away but I just stayed and sucked my brothers cock until he came in my mouth as I looked up as he was high fiving his friends. when I stood up he said happy now you got your weed back and I just smiled and went back to lay down to tan. we didn't talk much about that day for awhile but we would tease each other from time to time, when our mom wasn't home I would walk around the house half naked, he would grope me from time to time or press his crouch in me when passing me. that all stopped when our mom got sick and later died, we really became close then. as timed passed we got back to our lives and joey started dating Sara who is now living with us, they should get engaged soon, but when they first started dating , I was out of control trying to cope and all and was fucking just about everyone that asked me to fuck him. one day Sara got mad at joey because joey kept saying stuff like, get a boob job so your tits could be as big as Jeri's or wish you had tits like that and even though he was kidding around she got mad cause one day she said why don't you go fuck your sister and he said he would if he could. I wasn't there for that one, but after what Sara and Kevin did to us, she told what did they do? well she had a plan with my b/f at the time to " get this over with once and for all" .. so Sara tells joey that she is going to have breast implants on a Friday and they would be all his on Saturday night. so Saturday night me, joey and Kevin were sitting in the living room waiting to see Sara's new tits, Kevin whispers in my ear, lets get kinky tonight and lets go in the bedroom, I said after Sara gets here. so when Sara comes over in a like an over coat she says to me and Kevin, you two need to disappear , joey has to be the first one to see these. so we go into my room I look at Kevin, so how kinky did you want to go?? we get naked and he gets the handcuffs out from the box under my bed and handcuffs my wrist's to the bed posts then takes out the blind fold and blindfolds me, and gets the head phones out and says some soothing music while we fuck and puts them on my ears, meanwhile Sara told joey she wanted to get kinky with her new boobs and blind folded joey in the living room, got him naked also put on headphones , stood him up, and lead him into my bedroom, so when joey got on the bed he thought he was with Sara and I thought it was Kevin , then I felt my tits getting squeezed and squeezed and squeezed then his hands went up my arms to feel the handcuffs then back to my tits and then I felt his cock going in me as I didn't know it was joeys, now my tits are getting squeezed and sucked on as his cock was getting harder and harder and I was thinking at the time, wow Kevin must be really horny cause he seems so much harder and bigger and before I knew it was going so fast inside me and I felt him starting to cum in me and just then, I felt the blindfold come off me at the same time his came off me as we looked at each other feeling my brothers cock still seeding me I just kept my legs opened cause it felt so good, he dosn't pull out of me ..turns his head to Sara as she shows her the boobs that weren't changed, Kevin is just looking on , you were all in on this?? I was like, I wasn't as I put my feet on joeys ass and push him down back in me. he looks at me and leans down and whispers into my ear, are you ok, I said yes, i'm glad this happened, I said, me too I've been thinking about this since the blow job he got up some and looks at me, smiles and starts pumping his cock back in an out of me as I feel it getting hard again, I take my feet off his ass and spread my legs as wide as I could, Sara is like. HEY!! what's going on, joey just says. you started this, and started fucking me again putting his hands back on my tits and it was WILD. ever since that night we have been having sex whenever one of use is horny.. and yes sometimes I join in on him and Sara. joey has excepted that his little sister is a slut and sometimes use's me for some of his friends pleasures. But he is always there for me and protects me. we now own the home we grew up in together after out mom willed it to him and later he but me on the deed. Sara and I are close but sometimes she puts me in line, esp when the sister fucks her b/f more then she does that's how it all started and I have never felt closer to joey . we do crazy stuff even today and not only sexuall but just in general. I hope this answers all your question's out there... have a great day and until my next blog.....sykes out

My BFF girlfriend rapes me with my own dildo

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a new girlfriend and the red sox losing streak

ok so here we go. yes its just over a year that i havn't had  a boyfriend and thats cool cause thats the way i want it right now. im also having some wild sex with the guys i meet and hang with. during the red sox losing streak i was getting very upset and mad at what the guys were saying about they are going to go from last to first to last. they were lucky last year..ect when their losing streak hit 6 i said that they wont lose anymore games and that if they lost game 7 i would give 7 guys a blowjob..then the guys wanted to double and triple and so on until they gave 7 guys a blowjob when they lost game 8 was 16 guys..but they threw in another clause,, it would have to be ass to mouth,,we lost ...( the guys put in their names into a bowl and thats how they get called...and it cost them $5.00 each and all that money goes into a fund for breast cancer) so the first 4 guys did the ass to mouth but decided to shoot their cum all over my face.. the other 12 guys held my head till i swallowed 9 was a Sunday afternoon game so Nick got the back room ready just in case they lost because he wasnt about  to close the bar early ( as the other games ended later at night) and we 27 guys built this bean bag couch coushions thing on the floor in Nicks back brother would let in one guy at a time ( nick didnt want everyone back there all at the same time) once in a while he would let two or three guys in at the same time until all 27 guys seeded me..yeah all of them..the yankee guys called me stupid slut..loser sox cumpig while they held my legs open and seeded me...i was so sore after those three days i didnt even go to the bar as we lost that 10th game.( as much as i wanted to fuck 40 guys.i was too when my brother joey came home that night he decided to fuck me for the guys..which i was happy to do....i didnt get into much detail here cause it was just fucking and sucking the way i know how to suck and fuck.. i thought my encounter with my new girlfriend would have to be alittle more like a couple of weeks ago im at the mall at victory secert looking at bikini;s and shorts and as im walking around the display a blonde hair girl was walking around the other display ..looking at bikini;s and shorts as we get closer she just holds up a pair of shorts and says hey..what do you think of these??..i saw her blonde hair and hazel eyes her shirt didnt really cover up her rather huge tits and i could see she was i said ..not short enough..she came closer towards me as i looked at the display..and saw a cute pair of short shorts...this is what you want to try on..she gave me a half smile and just said.i dont think my boyfriend would approve..i looked at her and old are you 20 and just moved in with him...i said perfect and went over to the shirts and picked out a simple and strapless halter top..she look at it and smiled..said..umm..i dont think i can fit in small..i looked at her and she just a 36DD..i said cool..and we picked out a few different outfits and we went to the fitting rooms..we got our little clip with the number of clothes and walked into the fitting rooms as she looked at me as i followed her into the same fitting room ..she backed off some..i said im not a crazy person sweetie im a local model and do this stuff all the time i can help..i had to take out my ID and when i did she was much more she now takes off her shirt and these huge tits are hanging in this not so good i said i wil be right back..try these shorts on..i come back with a few differnt bra;s and a couple more shirts and she really liked the short shorts i picked out for her..then i was with this bra as i helped her..and gave her the first bra to try out a double wired bra pushup..i help her off with her bra and help her with the new one..clamping it and adjusting her tits in it and she is like staring at like..WHAT??.. she;s are very comfortable doing this..i just smile at her and said its how i roll at work sometimes.she Carol..i said Hi..Im Jeri..then she just comes out and ask me..have you ever been with another women??..i just stared at her and smiled without saying a word..she started asking me alot of i said..not she got and paid for 2 outfits and a bra and i didnt get anything...we went to the food court and i told her about Bree and Crystal and Sara and she was shocked when i told her that Sara was my brothers girlfriend..then i breifly told her about me and joey..she said her boyfriend would love to see two girls going at it...i said..sweetie...every guys dream is to watch two girls going at it or fucking two girls...and yes ...ive done both...and then some...we talk and really got to know each other some..then she was like...hey..would you like to comeover my apartment and have a drink or something...i asked of her boyfriend was there..she said i said i followed her and when we get inside she ask me if i wanted a beer or wine...i said i perfer whiskey but a beer would be fine.we sat on the couch..she also had a beer..i was like..heyyy...your only 20...she laughed and look at me...CAN I KISS YOU??..i was whats in this beer...and just said...sure...she put her beer down as did i..she leaned in..put her lips on mine and we kissed for abit..i took a chance and slowley started to stick my tongue on her lips and she greeted me with her tongue and then we started to get into really kissing each other..i pulled back and looked at this anything you thought or wanted it to be..she just said YESS..and put her thongue back into my mouth..then her hands started to find there way to my tits so i thought i should have mine find hers..and these we some big ass tits..Crystal and Sara dont have big tits..Bree and i are the same size..but carol tits were really huge...i felt myself getting really into squeezing them as her hands got into squeezing mine..then i put my hand down her pants and she just squeeled..looked at so courious and want to do this so bad..she got up and took my hand and took me to her bedroom..we got naked and kissed and explored each others bodies..then i put her on her back and kissed her...without saying a word i looked into her eyes and started to go lower and lower on her body looking at her the whole time  when my mouth got to her pussy i just showed her my tongue and then just slowly put it inside her..then i started moving my pointy tongue all around her clit then her lips...clit...lips...then inside her..all around going wild with my tongue...she slightly have an amazing tongue..which made me shove it as deep inside her as my tongue could go..then a couple of fingers found their way..and i saw her legs just spread wide open and i could taste her orgasm as her body shook..she pulled my hair to her and she kissed my cum lips and tongue..then turned me on my back and did the samething to me..only my legs opened up right from the get go..and for a first timer..she was actually good and made me have some orgasms also..then i was like one more thing..we sat facing each other and i moved into her as my pussy got closer to hers..she smiled and looked at me and moved in and we just started rubbing our pussy's was so hot to do this with someone i just met....we cuddled some..put our cell numbers in out phones...she asked me if i would do that with her boyfriend watching...i said know if we do that he will want to fuck us both...i just said..get back to me...we laughed....ive been in touch with carol and still nothing on the boyfriend yet...we are going to a movie or dinner this glad i made a new friend....not sure if im going to tell her how much of a slut i am...i dont want her to think i will sleep with her boyfriend ( if i havnt already...ooops...ummm)...ok..thats it for now....have a great summer and until the next blog.....sykes out

never under estimate this slut

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woke up horny and made it an interesting day

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working my way to 3000 men

seems I always start off with "its been awhile" so I wont...Hi. For the record, yes I'm still single since my break up with Ty and yes I'm still sexually frustrated. I will explain what the title means at the end of the blog. So these past couple of weeks I have been a real Bitch cause dating can suck at times and you fuck just to fuck. My brother helps out, but I make sure I don't do it to much with him cause I don't want Sara making my ass all black and blue again. But my brother being the brother he is, calls me up yesterday around 11am and ask me if I want to fuck! I'm like, is this a trick question??, so he says he is on lunch, he has about an hour and he is on his way home. I take a quick shower and dry off and I wait at the door. when I see his truck coming up the driveway, I run over to the couch, I spread my legs so one foot is on one arm rest and my other is on the other arm rest so I am spread wide open, and I start playing with my tits. The door opens and as he walks in he see's me and smiles as he says 'you are such a slut" walks over to me, puts his hands on my tits and squeezes them hard. I take my hands and unzip his pants, taking his cock out as I stroke it. Then he tells me to get up and go to my bedroom, I run to my room and jump on my bed getting on my back as I wait. I don't think a minute passed when I yeld out "where are you". When he finally came in my room he went right for the box under my bed taking out the blind fold and nipple clamps, looking at me he says, lets get kinky. I just smiled as he put the blind fold on me. when I feel him getting on my bed I just spread my legs wide open, then I feel his cock rubbing up and down my clit and pussy, I start squeeling, fuck me joey...fuck me so hard. then I feel his cock going in me as I just moan as more and more of his cock goes in me, now it starts to hurt some, which never happens so i'm like wait a minute, and off comes the blind fold. now I see a black man with a big smile as he says Hiii Jeriiii...I scream..George?? ( George is the Jamaican guy my brother knows from his job he does with the 14inch cock and large hanging balls, that ive been with before) as he says Yaa Mannn...I look over at joey, as he smiles at me, as he says he has to go back to work, George is like. No Mann come fuck your sister with George..joey says ,maybe tonight as he looks at me, George is staying here tonight if you have no objections and then he has a training class tomorrow and a fight out. as joey is walking out of my room George pushes more in me as I squeal, joey just saying 'fuck what's left of her brains out". I put my feet on my bed and lift my ass up some, as George says Ya mann you remember how to take my cock as he starts to move his cock in and out of me, going in more each time he pushes in. feeling his cock just filling my insides and stretching me I start screaming and squeeling as he starts to go faster and faster pushing even more in me as I can just start to feel his big hanging balls starting to hit my ass. I start having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm on his very huge cock inside me. As he is almost all inside me I take my feet off my bed and just spread my legs as wide as I can as he grabs my ankles helping me as he is now starting to move his huge 14 inch cock in and out of me as I continue to have orgasm after orgasm on it,his balls slapping my ass making all kind of noise's, Jeriiiii and he just starts slamming his cock in and out of me as I start shaking my head back and forth wild as i scream at him...FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...grunting and screaming..FUCKK hair flying all over as I now feel his balls just slapping off my asshole...FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE GEORGEEEEEEEEEEE..then he pulls his cock all the way out to his tip as I shake and look at him.he just smiles as he slowly starts to put in all the way in me, and when its all the way in me, he just starts to explode in me so hard I can feel his balls pulsating on my asshole as I let out a scream that should of broken the windows, I thought his cum was going to shoot out of my nipples he was so deep into me...omgg...when he was done filling me up he started to pull out..i was fucking way as I put my ankles on his ass and started lifting my pussy up and down. looking at him I said..don't you I started lifting my pussy up and down his not so hard cock as I squeezed my pussy around it as I moved it up and down. when I got him hard again ( which btw didn't take to long..smiles) we did it standing up..then me leaning backwards as I put my hands on the floor..then doggy, then doggy as he lifted my legs like a wheel barrel race and that's when he seeded me again for the second time. after that we went out to get something to eat and later on we fucked some more and then again when my brother got home...and again in the morning before he needless to say i feel good right now...George is catching flights home and now im alone again..but im never alone when i don't want to be...which brings me to the title of this blog...the other day Bree and i were talking..well...after we were with each other...and she got into how many men ive fucked since we have been in high we sat and drank and we came to a conclusion that im about almost at 3000 men that ive fucked and if you count the times some of these guys fucked me more then at about 7000 anyway...she dares me to do 100 men from now until labor day we go...i like a dare...3000 men... here i cum....smiles....thank you all for your continue interest in my life..hugs and kiss's....Sykes

Sex Stress? Not Anymore

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Back Seat Whore

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you cant rape the willing

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Sykes we know is...but...Sara the SLUT??????

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Brothers and Sisters = Sex

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He is 19..I'm 27 and loving every inch of it..i mean minute

I am sorry it took me so long to blog.but with the holidays and my new boyfriend (his name is Ty..short for Tylor) ive been busy..about 3 weeks ago, Ty had asked me if maybe he could invite some friends over for a party..Ty is Sara;s little brother..Sara is my brothers (Joey)girlfriend who also lives in our home..which is how i met Ty..i met Ty 2 years ago just after his 17th birthday( he turned 19 in Nov) how i met him? well..sara had picked him up from school and was taking him to the house for dinner..not telling joey and when she comes home she unlocks the door and goes back to her car to get some papers she forgot to Ty walks in and as he does he see's me sucking on my brothers cock as my ex boyfriend tony is fucking me anyway...thats how i met Ty..2 weeks later he came over the house and .well...lets just say i was his first..he has asked me out a few times since then. but i just couldnt because i wasnt sure how sara would be..but one day she gave me her blessing and then next time he asked..i said yes...that was like 2 months.. i said...he asked if he could have some friends over for a party.i was like what type of party..keep in mind..other then my brother once in a while i wasnt with any other guys yet,,not even this last sunday when i made my patriot bet...anyway..he's like a sex party..i asked him if he was sure since his friends were going to be fucking me..and he said he would like that..and they kept their promise that there was no achohol,,they are only 18 and when they come over it was kind of ackward at first cause i was there friends g/f....a good dance song came on the radio so i started to do a stripe tease in front of them getting naked and then slapping thier faces with my 34D tits. i look at Ty and did tell them i was a slut right?? after that.. Ty grabs my hand and takes me to my room and tells them to " come on dudes" they do follow..they see my sex swing when they walk in and thought that was the coolest thing..then my canopy bed with the straps on the post' Ty gets naked but they just watched as Ty laid on the bed as i got betwenn his legs and just started sucking his cock as i opened my legs more so my bald pussy would show more as it opened some and i wiggled back and forth as i was sucking Ty's cock..after awhile Ty says to get on top ..but instead of just moving up i turn around so im facing his friends as i reach down and guild his cock into me..i squat over Ty's cock and start moving up and down it as i look at his starts to take some clothes off as i stare and smile and move faster up and down my b/f's i fell Ty's hands on my ass lifting me up as his cock pops out then i feel one hand off my thing i know..Ty is aiming his cock at my asshole as i slowly wiggle down it as i start to moan and squeel as i look at his now naked friend who is very hard btw ..Ty starts fucking my asshole as i look at his friend..FUCK MEEEE....his friend smiles and gets on the bed.i feel Ty's hands squeezing my ass harder ...his friend now grabs his cock and aims it at my pussy and starts to push it in my pussy as i just let out a loud squeel..his friend grabs my tits and starts fucking me in rythem with i see his other friends start to get naked..and one of them says..why dont you both put it in her pussy..i turn my head and look down at Ty..he smiled..i told the guy fucking me is like..dude thats gross ..i dont want my cock touching guy that said to both fuck my pussy got a condom out..put this on then..i was like..eww..they give me a rash..Ty pleaded with i told Ty it goes on his cock since his cock was in my i put the condom on Ty;s cock and i aim his cock at my already cock stuffed pussy and Ty starts to push his cock into me and i just start squeeling and whats his friend say.."dude" lets see who can fuck faster..and they both started moving their cocks as fast as they can in and out of my now soaking still not sure who won...all i know i had like 500 orgasms as they did that...Ty cums in his condom and his friend a few moments after that cums inside i crash on the the other 3 guys are more then horny as hell...they want to try and get 2 cocks in my asshole now..with condoms on..i look at TY...OMG...and he just looks at me with those lil puppy i get in the same position and tell one of them to lay down and as i go over his cock..cum from his other friend starts to string out of my pussy..well..they loved that ..i grab his friends cock and aim it at my asshole..( lubed up of course..both were) and get it in,,i move aroud some getting it all in..i look at Ty..then his friend..I never had 2 in my if i say stop or pull out..please listen to me..he said he would..i tell the guy already in my asshole to pull half way out..when he did..i told the other guy i was ready..SLOWLY first he couldnt seem to get his cock in the right position..then .it slid in some and he was about to push more and i said..SLOWLY..i thought i would never be able to sit normal again cause it hurt..he got alttle more in and i said that was as far as it goes..then they start to move and fuck my asshole..and i felt more go in..and more..and..i just started to have an nervious as i felt ok..but the second cock was never more then half in me..after alot of squeals and screams the friend under me says ..pull out..i dont want to cum in the they both pull out..i lean over and get on the bed cause my asshole hurts..they both take off their condoms..the guy under me in now over me stroking his cock..i look...not my asshole and i just spread my legs..he shoves his cock in my pussy as the other guys is stroking and saying..hurry up dude im about to his friend is smiling at me cause he starting to shoot his very big load inside me.. my eyes widen cause it was really shooting hard in me...and i squeeel and squeeled and squeeled..the moment he pulled out..his other friend was in..and in like under a minute he was shooting his very big load inside the last guy who hasnt even touched me yet gets between my legs after the other guy pulls out..starts squeezing my tits hard...moves up..and starts to tit fuck me..and im not sure how long he was tit fucking wasnt to long..holds his cock all the way up so i can feel his balls on my tits and starts to cum ..all over my 3 big streams just hit my face....omggg......i looked over at Ty as i was licking the cum off my lips..feel better??..they all got dressed..Ty and his friends went out to get a pizza ...i cleaned up and took a hot bath then a hot shower...the next day Ty came over with 2 dozen roses and a charlestown chew (vanilla) ,my fav...massaged my ass and tits all much happened since then...his friends come and hang out or we go on double dates...its weird not going out to bars and stuff..but cool....nick lets him in the bar i hang out in..but he has to wear a band that shows he is under 21 and Ty is cool with this weekend i have a double or nothing bet with the Pariots game..Ty loves the patriots also..but he says if they lose..he is looking forward to seeing me on the pool table fucking all the guys that placed a bet...or making good money if they win and going away for a weekend...arent i a nice girlfriend....smiles....well..thats it for now...i hope everyone had a nice holiday....does anyone know a COOL CHAT ROOM SITE???..leave a comment if you do...i;ll be very friendly to anyone that turns me on to a cool chat site....smiles.....sykes out

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