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i want to say thank you to everyone for your interest in my new BO..yes.. he is my new BO..omg..that sounds so good...its nice to know that although i havnt met any of you from here or yahoo, that you take interest in me and my life...its nice to have friends like is...means alot to ....friday.. jerry calls me up from work and wanted to know since its a nice day out if i would want to go to dinner and then maybe to the mini golf .i said sure....he asked me what my fav rest was...i just pick..he asked if i liked steak..i said about the longhorn rest...umm..this is like my fav already a good start) will pick you up at 7??..i said sure...when i hang up.. i call bree and crystal and do a 3way call..also had a shot cause i was so now they talk me out of my mini cause we are going to the mini to the mall we went..they get me this white tank shirt and golf like shorts..and made me promise no sex talk...nothing to do with i promised them....and it worked cause i had a great time...when he came over..he didnt beep..he actually rang the doorbell..he was in black pants and a blue and white shirt...i asked him if he wanted to come in..he looked at me...are you hungry?? i said yes..lets go..ive been inside .and he smiled....we had a nice dinner...talked alot...he even pulled the seat out for me and pushed it in when we sat down...and pulled it out when we were out he is divorced since november...was married for almost 5 years,,i guess she was a gold digger..just wanted to shop and go out with her friends..she is a paralegel they both made a good kids..( sounded like a bitch to me...but i didnt pass any judgements) .anyway...we went to play golf..and had alot of laughs...he has a great sence of humor..very open with his comments me...and he loves to like people watch and make comments...i love that stuff.....and i think he even let me beat him at mini golf.....he took me home and i asked him if he wanted to come in..he said he had a great time but had to get up eary to load his truck up,,even though he dont deliver on saturday..he goes in to load his truck up for monday...sunday is like his real day off....and he ask me if i was doing anything tomorrow night...i said nope....he asked if i would like to go to elm street in manchster and go to the outside cafe;s and just walk around by the wow...i said of course...and we did and we had a great time..talked alot..he was know alot about its your turn...told him i was a cheerleader and now a trade show model..that i had some bad and different relationships...he took me by a picnic like area by the river and we sat down..and he asked me if i would like to try to have another relationship...maybe with him...i didnt say anything at first...he said he was sorry for asking and maybe its to soon...i said no...its not know nothing about me...he tell me...not here..he ask if i was an ex con or dated someone like that that could be trouble..i was like..noo noo..nothing like about come over tomorrow and ill make you a sunday dinner...i make a mean chicken cultlet parm over lugini..and i will tell you everything you want to know...he was to be around and you can cook too....ok...what time...i said 4..he took me home later on...again a perfect gentalmen...walked me to my door..kissed me goodnight and left....i decidid then to keep things to myslef and just tell him everything sunday became a great beach my thoughts together...came back...chatted in yahoo for a bit..then got to cooking...he came with a bottle of white wine and flowers...( i know..awwww) he loved what i made and we had almost all the wine...then he was like...ok..mystery girl...tell me all about you.....i actually got out the bottle of whiskey,,,got 2 glasses of ice and poured them half way up.....took a sip..ok ok..big sip.....ok here it goes....he looked scared...i said...dont worry i didnt kill anyone or anything...your safe...that kinda broke the tention...then i started to tell him about my life..never having a dad always working..i was alone alot and started to have sex at age 12..and i told him just about everything without stopping so he couldnt talk... cause i just wanted to get it all out...he just stared and took a few sips of his drink....when i stopped...he just looked at this is all in your past??..i said ..most of it...some of it recently.....he ask me if i thought i could stop it all...i just be honest..i want just not sure how...he said...and ive had awful sex since i got married...what you saying is like so not sure how i would not sure i wouldnt want to stop seeing you...and to be honest..ive had thoughts about that all the time..being with 2 women or me and a froend with one girl!! divorced..not dead...and ..i would of never belived it if you didnt tell me..that you are like that...never in a million years would i have guessed it...i got up and sat on his lap and kissed him...i would love to try a relationship with you.....and i paused..nd i smiled...would you like to go to my room and start it????....umm...out of room...i will have to blog the sex part ...hopfully tomorrow....omg...sorry......omg...

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Posted on 02:23PM on May 21st, 2012
wonderful honey! i knew it! lol
Posted on 08:21AM on May 22nd, 2012
Is this one a keeper ya think? :)
Posted on 04:18PM on May 23rd, 2012
So very happy for you!!! Love hearing from you. Keep us posted on the progress.
Posted on 09:21PM on May 25th, 2012
I really liked that you were so Honest with Him Hun. I hope that all works out for you Both.
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