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i went food shopping yesterday afternoon after work just in case the weather was worse then what they were i shopping a very nice older man came up tp me as asked if my name was jennifer, i told him no, my name is Jeri/ he said i looked alot like his wife's daughter that ran away some 10 years ago and if anyone would look like her now i had a very similar look about me..he said his name was harry and he started telling me about his life as we shopped..he told me his wife died 5 years ago not knowing if her daughter was ok..she was married before and that they didnt have any kids of their own..and on and on..he was so cute though and i felt we get to the frozen food section and im getting french fries and some mini pizza;s and stuff and he is getting frozen dinners and veggies...when he closes his door thats all foggy he just says wow..i was like..are you ok..and he said wow again..he is not looking me in the face anymore..he is looking at my i look down and my nipples were umm..kinda sticking out some cause i didnt wear a bra to work.( no big deal.. i work in a cubical this time of year) so i was like..hey..were you bull shitting me all this time..and he looked at me and said he was sorry and no he wasnt perving on me..just been awhile..i told him to get out more.. find someone and go out on a date or something..he seemed like a nice guy..he asked me if i would go out on a date with him if i was more his age ..he said he just turned 60 ..i said i was 27 and sure i would...he said he would wait for me..we had a few laughs with that... then he just think i could touch them?..i looked at him..i was about to let him have it ..but he was to cute ( old cute) and i could see he was blushing and nervious..i looked at him with a kinda mad face..then sad...right here????...i thought i was going to have to give him mouth to mouth cause i thought he was going to pass out. so i looked up and down the asle and seemed everyone in there was busy i or never..and he just put his hands on my tits...gave them a hard squeeze and let go...i said ..feel better?? as i started walking down the asle..he thanked me..said he was sorry..he thanked me...i said it was now me being me i said..btw..when was the last time you had sex??..he told me like 7 or 8 years cause he hasnt done it since the time his wife got sick....really??? you being honest with me..he said other then self sex...yes i am....i giggled...he said..who would want to have sex with someone like old a widower....then i said and cute and funny and nice...i would...and i just smiled..he looked down at the floor and said dont tease me...i said i wasnt..then he looked at me..would you really come back to my house..i said there is a place we can go so i know im safe and you will be fine also..its the bar i hang out in..up to you...he looked at me and asked if i was serious..i said we check out blah blah..and he follows me to the bar...when we walk in i go to the bar and ask paul ( one of the bartenders) if nick is around ( the owner/bartender and also an ex b/f of mine) he said he should be in i asked him if he thought he would mind if i use his office..paul smiled..does he ever mine sykes?..i smiled back..thanks sweetie..and walk to nicks office as harry followed me ..he ask me ..why did he call you sykes...i just told him it was my he looks around..umm..where do we....and i patted nicks desk..right here as i sit on it...he looks at me..have you done this in here before>>,,i just pulled him over and looked down and started to unzip his pants..he stood there for a few..i was like..if you cant do this..i will understand..its like riding a bikecycle..and i giggled..then i pull down his pants and shorts..and little harry was nice and he was like..i just want to put this in you..i dont think i can  get intermit or anything..calm i pulled down and off my pants and thong...and laid down on the desk and spread my legs..come on..its now or never harry..he got inbetween my legs..and hesitated.i put my feet on his back and pushed him closer..just looking at him as i took off my shirt and started playing with my tits...come on harry..taking my feet off his back and spreading my legs again..he grabbed his cock and put his tip in then more and more..looked at me as all he saw was a great big smile on my face..then he smiled and pushed and pushed it all the way in as i squeezed it..i looked at him...yeah..your cock is so fucking hard..then he put his hands on my tits and started moving his cock in and out of me faster and faster..i just keep my legs as wide open as i could and he was so fucking hard and now going faster..and it wasnt long but...if i tell you a guy had shot more cum in me this past year..i be lying..omg..its like it never stopped ..i think he may still be he was all..sorry..i never pulled out..that felt sorry ...i didnt even please you im sure...i just full of your cum...its cool...ok..he said i was an angle...awwww...then i pointed behind him to get some clean bar rags to wipe up...he pulled his pants on..said he was going to the bar to get us some drinks..asked me what i wanted..i said whiskey..he said he will wait for me at the bar..about a minute goes by and paul walks still on the desk legs open as im still wipping up the mess..paul says..your friend left two shots on the bard for you and told me to tell you thank you and he hopes he will see you here again soon...i was like he left..paul was like yup..did you think lease you got a few shots out of the old paul walks over towards me...opens his zipper and pulls out his like paul??..what are you doing??..suck me!!....paul??..what about your wife..whats going on?? never do this...he's like..ive seen you fuck on the pool table..pinball machines..just about everybooth in the bar...millions of guys grabbing those like..MILLIONS!!.....ok..thousands......blowjobs in the mens and ladies rooms...and now some old guy...i take it you dont know him?? what if emily finds out???..she wont....ok...its your i get off the desk and on my knees and i start sucking and licking pauls cock..i try not to look up but he pulls my hair as i look up...he looks at me..its just a blowjob..and starts fucking my mouth..i feel his cock getting harder after i know why they wait in line ..and he blows me a i grabbing his balls and stroking his cock under my mouth..and before i know it..he;s holding the back of my head and he cums in my mouth...keeps it in some...then pulls it out...i wanted that a long time just look up...yeah..and if emily wants to chop your balls off... if she finds out..i will help her...if she dont chop me up first...he smiles..grabs a bar rag..cleans up what little i left and zips up....see you out there...and walks im cleaned up..a pile of bar rags on the the desk again when i here..that better be clean enough to eat off of....i say yeah yeah..knowing the voice and that its nick...what would you know about it??? i turn around ...hey you...he's shaking his me get this come into my bar..fuck some old dude on MY desk??..then give MY bartender a blowjob...i just look at him with did you know eyes...,,,yeah...paul told me...this is MY bar and MY desk..and MY bar rags you slut...comes and gives me a hug...i mad at me??? i fuck your ass ??..what??...maybe another time he says...i got things to run a bar and not some whore house....i laugh..hey..i could do that for you..he;s already do..please put those rags in the dirty bin and get dressed so i can do some work around here...i put my hand on his crouch...what work??..he pulls my hand off..Jeri..your a good friend..ex g/.f ..i will always love you..but i got a bar to like ok ok..but you owe me an ass fucking....i get dressed...give nick a kiss bye..he looks at me...youre such a slut...i smile...i still love me..later babe......and i got my shots..paul and i talked like nothing ever happend..and then i remembered i had grocercies in the car to take home..and made dinner for sara and joey.....was a good day ....sykes out

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Posted on 02:23PM on Nov 8th, 2012
sweet, i love ya
Posted on 03:00PM on Nov 8th, 2012
Nice....only if i was the old man i would have licked your ***** to.....mmmmm....yummy
Posted on 12:50PM on Nov 9th, 2012 know ..some day going to sleep with your dad...just dont hate me for it...if i knew you wouldnt stop us id let you watch...but...maybe i will record it for you...i miss you..stay in touch more...kiss daddy for me...SMILES
Posted on 08:15AM on Feb 3rd, 2014
Wow that was a hott story. Lucky old man and bartender lol.
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