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I am sorry it took me so long to blog.but with the holidays and my new boyfriend (his name is Ty..short for Tylor) ive been busy..about 3 weeks ago, Ty had asked me if maybe he could invite some friends over for a party..Ty is Sara;s little brother..Sara is my brothers (Joey)girlfriend who also lives in our home..which is how i met Ty..i met Ty 2 years ago just after his 17th birthday( he turned 19 in Nov) how i met him? well..sara had picked him up from school and was taking him to the house for dinner..not telling joey and when she comes home she unlocks the door and goes back to her car to get some papers she forgot to Ty walks in and as he does he see's me sucking on my brothers cock as my ex boyfriend tony is fucking me anyway...thats how i met Ty..2 weeks later he came over the house and .well...lets just say i was his first..he has asked me out a few times since then. but i just couldnt because i wasnt sure how sara would be..but one day she gave me her blessing and then next time he asked..i said yes...that was like 2 months.. i said...he asked if he could have some friends over for a party.i was like what type of party..keep in mind..other then my brother once in a while i wasnt with any other guys yet,,not even this last sunday when i made my patriot bet...anyway..he's like a sex party..i asked him if he was sure since his friends were going to be fucking me..and he said he would like that..and they kept their promise that there was no achohol,,they are only 18 and when they come over it was kind of ackward at first cause i was there friends g/f....a good dance song came on the radio so i started to do a stripe tease in front of them getting naked and then slapping thier faces with my 34D tits. i look at Ty and did tell them i was a slut right?? after that.. Ty grabs my hand and takes me to my room and tells them to " come on dudes" they do follow..they see my sex swing when they walk in and thought that was the coolest thing..then my canopy bed with the straps on the post' Ty gets naked but they just watched as Ty laid on the bed as i got betwenn his legs and just started sucking his cock as i opened my legs more so my bald pussy would show more as it opened some and i wiggled back and forth as i was sucking Ty's cock..after awhile Ty says to get on top ..but instead of just moving up i turn around so im facing his friends as i reach down and guild his cock into me..i squat over Ty's cock and start moving up and down it as i look at his starts to take some clothes off as i stare and smile and move faster up and down my b/f's i fell Ty's hands on my ass lifting me up as his cock pops out then i feel one hand off my thing i know..Ty is aiming his cock at my asshole as i slowly wiggle down it as i start to moan and squeel as i look at his now naked friend who is very hard btw ..Ty starts fucking my asshole as i look at his friend..FUCK MEEEE....his friend smiles and gets on the bed.i feel Ty's hands squeezing my ass harder ...his friend now grabs his cock and aims it at my pussy and starts to push it in my pussy as i just let out a loud squeel..his friend grabs my tits and starts fucking me in rythem with i see his other friends start to get naked..and one of them says..why dont you both put it in her pussy..i turn my head and look down at Ty..he smiled..i told the guy fucking me is like..dude thats gross ..i dont want my cock touching guy that said to both fuck my pussy got a condom out..put this on then..i was like..eww..they give me a rash..Ty pleaded with i told Ty it goes on his cock since his cock was in my i put the condom on Ty;s cock and i aim his cock at my already cock stuffed pussy and Ty starts to push his cock into me and i just start squeeling and whats his friend say.."dude" lets see who can fuck faster..and they both started moving their cocks as fast as they can in and out of my now soaking still not sure who won...all i know i had like 500 orgasms as they did that...Ty cums in his condom and his friend a few moments after that cums inside i crash on the the other 3 guys are more then horny as hell...they want to try and get 2 cocks in my asshole now..with condoms on..i look at TY...OMG...and he just looks at me with those lil puppy i get in the same position and tell one of them to lay down and as i go over his cock..cum from his other friend starts to string out of my pussy..well..they loved that ..i grab his friends cock and aim it at my asshole..( lubed up of course..both were) and get it in,,i move aroud some getting it all in..i look at Ty..then his friend..I never had 2 in my if i say stop or pull out..please listen to me..he said he would..i tell the guy already in my asshole to pull half way out..when he did..i told the other guy i was ready..SLOWLY first he couldnt seem to get his cock in the right position..then .it slid in some and he was about to push more and i said..SLOWLY..i thought i would never be able to sit normal again cause it hurt..he got alttle more in and i said that was as far as it goes..then they start to move and fuck my asshole..and i felt more go in..and more..and..i just started to have an nervious as i felt ok..but the second cock was never more then half in me..after alot of squeals and screams the friend under me says ..pull out..i dont want to cum in the they both pull out..i lean over and get on the bed cause my asshole hurts..they both take off their condoms..the guy under me in now over me stroking his cock..i look...not my asshole and i just spread my legs..he shoves his cock in my pussy as the other guys is stroking and saying..hurry up dude im about to his friend is smiling at me cause he starting to shoot his very big load inside me.. my eyes widen cause it was really shooting hard in me...and i squeeel and squeeled and squeeled..the moment he pulled out..his other friend was in..and in like under a minute he was shooting his very big load inside the last guy who hasnt even touched me yet gets between my legs after the other guy pulls out..starts squeezing my tits hard...moves up..and starts to tit fuck me..and im not sure how long he was tit fucking wasnt to long..holds his cock all the way up so i can feel his balls on my tits and starts to cum ..all over my 3 big streams just hit my face....omggg......i looked over at Ty as i was licking the cum off my lips..feel better??..they all got dressed..Ty and his friends went out to get a pizza ...i cleaned up and took a hot bath then a hot shower...the next day Ty came over with 2 dozen roses and a charlestown chew (vanilla) ,my fav...massaged my ass and tits all much happened since then...his friends come and hang out or we go on double dates...its weird not going out to bars and stuff..but cool....nick lets him in the bar i hang out in..but he has to wear a band that shows he is under 21 and Ty is cool with this weekend i have a double or nothing bet with the Pariots game..Ty loves the patriots also..but he says if they lose..he is looking forward to seeing me on the pool table fucking all the guys that placed a bet...or making good money if they win and going away for a weekend...arent i a nice girlfriend....smiles....well..thats it for now...i hope everyone had a nice holiday....does anyone know a COOL CHAT ROOM SITE???..leave a comment if you do...i;ll be very friendly to anyone that turns me on to a cool chat site....smiles.....sykes out

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Posted on 08:39PM on Jan 17th, 2013
:D Niiiiice....always love reading yoru blogs sykes!!!
Posted on 10:35AM on Jan 18th, 2013
Damn girl....I can always count on you to give me a hardon. Ahhhh to be 18 and deep in your *****.....yummy.
Posted on 01:25PM on Jan 18th, 2013
i give you guys a hard on???...really...lil ol me????? glad you guys enjoy reading about my life...cause im enjoying it also...big smile
Posted on 09:48AM on Jan 22nd, 2013
As always, thank you for the updates. It definitely perks up my day!!!
Posted on 12:47PM on Jan 22nd, 2013
still enjoying you
Posted on 12:35AM on Dec 24th, 2014
I would give anything to be one of Tys friends and shove my hard **** in and out of all your tight holes
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